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Your Pet's Home Away From Home

Make sure your pet is being properly taken care of when you’re away from home! When you rely on Pet Stop to board your cats and dogs, you can be sure that our facility is clean, safe, and secure. Our experienced staff will treat your pets as if they were our own, gently administering necessary medications, feeding your pets, and letting them stretch their legs during indoor and outdoor runs.

  • Large facility

  • Heated

  • Air conditioned

  • Kennels sanitized daily

24-Hour Boarding Services

We realize that being away from your pets can be stressful - for you as well as for them. That's why we want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.


One way we do that is by offering our multiple pet discount, which will help you save cash when you have to board multiple pets.

Ask About Our Multiple Pet Discounts

There's no safer place for your pets than us



"I strongly recommend Pet Stop. I have taken Jackson there for 3 years. Ashley is the best! She is calm and gentle with my baby; she treats him like her own. It is comforting knowing that he is being well taken care of when I am not there. Thank you!"

-Lisa W.

  • Indoor and outdoor runs

  • Medication administered

  • Food provided

  • Pets securely locked

We require all dogs and cats to have up-to-date vaccination records before we take them in.